Comments From Happy Students

Every person who comes to the studio is important to me.  It's my desire that they all feel valued, whether a new or experienced quilter.  I believe that a student should learn how to complete her project the best she can.  Some students are perfectionists and I do my best to honor them.  Some students are flexible and just want to finish their new project.  Again, I honor that quilter's style.  To all students, I encourage learning how to correct mistakes, to try something new or different to them, to not give up when frustrated, but in all cases to turn their projects into a labor of love they will be proud of.

That's why I'm so tickled when I receive emails and notes like these.  When the day is done, the quilters gone home, and the room is straightened, I can turn out the lights and know I've done a good job.
Emails, comments, and notes received from quilting students and visitors to the Studio:

"I love how you help us and give us great suggestions.  I appreciate your free sew days so much.  You are by far the "top of the line" as far as I am concerned.  Di

"As newbies to the Studio we loved our class.  Can we just move in and stay here?"  Lafayette 

"I can't believe I bought an expensive book to learn how to do the Braid Quilt, and you showed us an easier, simpler technique with a free pattern!"  Trina

"The [Birdie Sling] class was so much fun.  And everyone I've shown the bag to just love it.  Thank you for a great day."  Sharon

"What a celebration.  I just finished my flag kit and it's hanging outside by the back door!  Thanks for all the great tips.  I did three different size stipplings on the white squares.  All done by my [sewing] machine and it was fun!!  Hadn't made a sleeve before sew that was great to learn!"  Gail

"I LOVE coming to the Studio.  It's so beautiful and restful, and I feel so spoiled that it's right here in the area.  Thank you for all your help."  Pris

"Yesterday's class was SO much fun.  I'm still pumped!  Came home and sewed the rest of my strips and cut three sets of squares to be sure I remembered how!!! Arranging the different triangles for blocks is just mind blowing.  As always, you really help us unlock our creativity while learning something new and having fun!  Carolyn was worried that she wouldn't be able to keep up since she hadn't taken as many classes, but she said that she felt very comfortable and in the flow.  You're such a great teacher!"  Susan

"This has been an exciting year with the opening of your studio!  Thank you for openng your heart and your space to us and continuing to be a quilting inspiration!  I look forward to taking more classes in the new year."  Teri

"Quilting with you and the fellowship with other quilters in your studio is just one of my favorite things that brings me joy.  Thank you so much for creating that space and atmosphere.  And you can quote me on that!"  Susan

"When making a quilt I struggle with fabric choices and I was a little nervous picking out fabrics for a quilt where I had no idea of what the finished design would look like [Mysterious Girls mystery quilt class].  So I picked fabrics in my favorite color and the value recommendations suggested.  Now that I can almost see the final product I just think "WOW".  This is not a design I ever would have attempted, but I am extremely pleased with the outcome.  I also love getting to know the other women in the class by meeting once a month over several months.  I can't wait for the big reveal party to see all the other quilts!"  Debby

"Thanks for putting me on your email list!  I took a couple of classes with you at Pacific Fabrics a few years ago and really enjoyed myself."  Janice

"I have had so much fun in your classes, and learn something new every time.  Thanks for always helping me feel smarter than I am."  Karen
"I am so excited.  You called me a quilter!  I never, ever  thought I would be able to do this. Thank you for being so patient with me.  And I love your studio.  I can't wait for your next class schedule."  Sally

"You truly have created a peaceful but energizing area to work, quilt, visit, and learn."  Susan

"I had so much fun in class.  Thank you."  Lois

"Now I'm a quilter!"  Gayle

"Love, love, love, the new buck a block.  Sign me up!"  Tanya

"What an amazing Studio!"  Beth

"I've been quilting on my own for about five years, so I thought I knew everything I needed to.  Your class was great.  I learned so many tips and tricks.  I wish I had taken one of your classes before now."  Emily 

"Thanks for a great 'Sew with Mo' day.  I really, really did appreciate your help.  I am looking forward to many more adventures."  Cathy